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This submission is for a casting. According to the law your clip cannot be used in any way without your separate permission. Please record at least 2 clips with DIFFERENT content – we intend to choose 5-6 people and use 2-3 clips per person. Authors of chosen clips will be contacted to sign a contract and organize payment by PayPal (expect 10 EUR per clip).
Think about perfect place for you to live and summarize it in one sentence in your NATIVE language (2-3 sec) e.g. „it needs to have a swimming pool”, „vegan places is a must”, „I can’t live without shops”, record your answer ONLY
Make it snapchat style – natural with a daylight or bright artificial light, background – NOT a white wall, rather something that looks natural (room, bookcase, plant, outdoor – trees, building), good quality – as much as the phone allows, no noises in the background, don’t move too much to avoid blurred images. Preferred is back camera for better quality, please record vertically. Do not add any subtitles but please keep bottom of picture clear, we will add English subtitles later on.

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